This is @Haoen Cui’s personal blog site. Its main purpose is to document and share some interesting questions and their solutions. Coincidentally, most of these questions are commonly found in quant interviews.

For Interviewers: If you find an exact same problem as one of yours on this site, you probably want to change your interview questions. Questions on this site generally come from two sources:

  • Publicly accessible online resources
  • Personal experience or word of mouth from friends

All posted questions are at least 3 months old.

Disclaimer: Many questions and answers or variations of them can be found on other online forums. This site shall be considered as a “fan site” for collecting such questions. All solutions and comments shall be considered as my own work, which is not guaranteed to be correct. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my past, current, and future employers.

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